Feel College

The First Collection of BuddyOptical was created with the image of young people
in university in 1960~1970 giving it a vintage look.


People of this period were very curious and interested in fashion.

They came up with the Ivy and Preppy look which people of all ages followed it's a look that continues to be popular today.

Although the Ivy Preppy style is basic and simple, it is a very classic, formal look.


The First Collection is very stylish and modern without losing it's vintage touch.

You are able to wear them with formal clothes, a college T-shirt or sweats.


We at BuddyOptical hope you continue to have interest in fashion. That's the reason "Feel College" was born.

Feel College was designed for a wide age range with the target being males in their 20s-50s.

Every model has the name of a U.S College City and the abbreviated name.


We hope you will feel the air of college or university from this model.