People wear glasses for vision correction, or to protect against damage from
ultraviolet rays or simply just for fashion.
However, some people don't wear glasses because they have good eyesight,
or they prefer contact lenses, or they find glasses uncomfortable.
Therefore, There are many reasons such as those listed for people to not wear glasses..
So we can't force everyone to wear glasses.
However we hope the number of people wearing glasses will increase substantially.
Realizing this, people need to think of glasses like a best friend or a partner;
something that will last a long time and reliable.
Moreover glasses should be a part of our daily wardrobe.
We have chosen lenses that are sturdy, reliable, and sustainable..
Then we started to produce them.
We named it "BuddyOptical".
Buddy means a friend or a partner. It is also reflecting a image of a great musician
who changed people thoughts that no virtue to show up with glasses.
We hope everyone will love our glasses and enjoy their chic new look.

                                                      Gen Ikehara

-The Capabilities of Lenses
Lenses are one of the most important points when we chose glasses.
Our 《HYDE Lenses》and《Multi-coated-lenses》 have elements that everyone needs.
《HYDE Lenses》are thin brown color lenses that
cut 40% of sun rays especially dazzling cadmium blue.
Their elements can satisfy many people.
《Multi-coated-lenses》are clear color lenses which cut reflected light.
These two lenses have "SPF50+ PA+++" UV cut.
BuddyOptical never forgets to create stylish and unique lenses.

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